Refund Policy

At UtharaPrint, we place a high value on our customers' pleasure, which is why we provide refunds and replacements for any products you previously bought from us that were unsatisfactory or damaged. This Refund Policy (the "Policy") defines the process, rules, and guidelines pertaining to the return and refund for the products purchased on our website and notifies you about your right to return and receive a refund for those products through our website

To fully understand your rights and the conditions for product returns and refunds, please read this Policy carefully.


As allowed by law, we provide exchanges, credits, and product repairs for broken items. You may be eligible for a refund, a replacement, or repairs if the item you bought from us is damaged or malfunctions.


Customers may be qualified for a refund as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The product is shipped back in its original packing
  • The item is still brand-new and sealed
  • The item must not be broken or damaged when it is returned
  • The product will be returned along with the sales receipt


Despite other clauses in this policy, we reserve the right to refuse returns or refunds if

  • You just changed your mind about the item after receiving what you ordered
  • You damaged the product through improper usage or handling of the product
  • Before completing the purchase, you were informed of the product's issues or made aware of them


If the item you ordered from us is damaged when it is being delivered to you

  • Please notify us as soon as you detect the damage
  • Make sure the damaged item is sent back in the same packaging and condition as when it was received
  • If a product is broken, we'll arrange for its repair or replacement.
  • Products are returned within the following time frame: after you receive them


The option of exchange in place of a refund is also something we retain the right to offer to consumers who purchase a product from us.


All shipping and additional fees for returning the goods will be covered by us.

We will also pay the shipping fees and arrange for the shipping, transportation, and collection of the goods if it is being sent back for repairs or exchange.


You may return your order within 5 to 6 business days of receiving it, at the following address: . Refunds are given at our sole discretion; we reserve the right to replace, reject, give a refund for, or repair faulty goods


For inquiries or comments regarding this Policy, customers may contact :

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