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Frequently Asked Questions

Flyers can be used to promote your business and reach out to potential customers. They are inexpensive and easy to produce, which makes them perfect for store openings. Flyers can be hung up in shops, offices, churches and other places to advertise new products or services. People will see them from a distance, allowing businesses to reach out to more people and gain exposure to their products.

A resolution of 300 dpi, 300 dots per inch, is the best resolution for images regarding printed items (dpi). This is appropriate for content that will be carefully reviewed (brochures, books, flyers, and most posters).

- Go to the website -
- Select the product you need
- Click on Order Now button
- A window open showing your selected product details & pricing.
- Then login or create an account
- Confirm delivery & invoice address
- Now select the payment options
1. Bank transfer
2. Pay Pal
3. Stripe
- We are going with a bank transfer
- On the next window, you will see
1. Account Name
2. Sort Code
3. Account Number
- Click below ‘Pay securely with a bank transfer.’
- Now that you are on the Artwork page, you can upload the file right now, or you can skip this step, and we’ll create unique artwork for you.
- Then click on the Complete order button, and you will get confirmation of your order on the screen.

The best flyer size for advertising is A5. A5 flyer dimensions are 148 x 210 millimetres. It is the ideal flyer size for promoting products, services, events, and recreational facilities. The main benefit is that it is large enough to educate, convince, and motivate
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