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Frequently Asked Questions

A leaflet is a small sheet of the printed paper that expresses a brief message in a clear and concise manner. Leaflets are used by businesses to advertise their products and services as part of their marketing strategy. They're also frequently used to inform people about new stores, special offers, and events.

Contact information for the company, event dates and locations, product prices, and promotional discounts are all important. They are the bits of information your readers require to respond to the call to action in your Leaflet.

Print-ready artwork is the final file or files that printers will use to create your leaflets. The file(s) meet all of the requirements for producing high-quality printed items.

A leaflet is a considerably more compact form of a brochure. It typically folds and has no more than two pages. A leaflet, or pamphlet as it is often known, has descriptive content organised in one or two short points, and the writing inside is significantly shorter than that of a brochure.

To summarise the features of a leaflet, there are eight basic points to consider: size, folding, printing, design, headline, content, photos, and call to action. When creating your Leaflet, it's important to take each of these factors into consideration.
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